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by Brian Schrader

YouTube has (apparently) reinstated RSS feeds

Posted on Mon, 14 Nov 2016 at 07:49 PM

Well if there's something I wasn't expecting to find tonight, it was that apparently YouTube has decided to allow users to follow channels via RSS again, and unlike the last few years, this time it actually looks to be officially supported!

Get RSS updates for a single channel To get an RSS feed of a single channel’s uploads, paste the channel URL into your RSS reader.

Get RSS updates for all subscriptions To import all your YouTube subscriptions to your RSS reader, you can use our OPML file download feature...

I have no idea when this feature was added, but it's the first time I've seen it.1 Most articles about YouTube's RSS feeds are either hacks or from ancient history. I don't know what mad(wo)man is behind this, but I love them.

The new export button

1 Hopefully this isn't just some short-lived A/B testing or worse.
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