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by Brian Schrader

You should go to SpaceUp

Posted on Sat, 05 Sep 2015 at 07:44 PM

SpaceUp is an unconference for space enthusuasts, and SpaceUp San Diego is rolling around again. If you're in San Diego the weekend of October 31st, you should register now.

Space Up Logo

I've been going to SpaceUps since the very first one in 2010, and every time it's a fantastic experience. People come from all different walks of life: space bloggers, professors, SpaceX and Xcor employees, and students, to talk about Faster Than Light (FTL) travel, colonizing Mars, NASA's current political situation, and designing Rocket Refuling Stations supplied by an ocean based gas canon (seriously).

To anyone who's been to a barcamp, the format of SpaceUp will be suspiciously familiar. At the beginning of the day, there's an empty schedule. Attendents suggest topics that they'd like to talk about or hear about, and then everybody picks which talks they want to go to.

If you're interested at all in space or space exploration, you should be going to SpaceUp. If you aren't in San Diego (which is unfortunate for a whole other set of reasons 😎) then there's a whole suite of SpaceUps all over the world so you'll have no excuse.

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