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by Brian Schrader

Why privacy is important

Posted on Tue, 12 Jan 2016 at 09:44 AM

Robin Doherty:

It doesn’t matter if you have “nothing to hide”. Privacy is a right granted to individuals that underpins the freedoms of expression, association and assembly; all of which are essential for a free, democratic society...

Similarly, when the things you write online, or communicate privately to others, are surveilled, and you self-censor as a result, the rest of us lose your perspective, and the development of further ideas is stifled...

Unfortunately, we are already self-censoring. A 2013 survey of US writers found that after the revelations of the NSA’s mass surveillance regime, 1 in 6 had avoided writing on a topic they thought would subject them to surveillance, and a further 1 in 6 had seriously considered doing so.

Why privacy is important, and having "nothing to hide" is irrelevant →

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