Various Goings On

I've been a little scatter-brained over the past few weeks. I've started lots of little projects and finished almost none of them. Hopefully, they'll all start to wrap up soon. I mentioned on a previous Indie Dev Life that I was working on an update to the iOS app, and that is still true. It's coming along nicely. I think I'm about 80% done with it, but I've reached the infamous second 80% and it's become a bit of a slog, so I did what a usually do in this situation: literally anything else.

To that end, I've been experimenting with a few other projects. I've started the process of adding a dark mode to's Web UI, which is coming along nicely. I've also started building out Micropub support for Both are features I've wanted for a long time, but never gotten to. Hopefully they'll be done around the same time as the iOS refresh. I've always struggled with putting together a coherent design for the web UI, and it shows. With the newest refactor of for iOS though, I've finally developed a coherent design and I've started using the same layout and components on both iOS and the web. It's looking really good, and hopefully this new design will last a while and bring up to modern standards.

On Monday the holidays are officially over and I'll force myself to finish the iOS release for Usually I try to keep myself pretty focused, but for now I'll keep tinkering — it's a nice thing to do every once in a while.

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