Two Is Better Than One

It finally happened. After 6 years (!) of blogging on this site, I finally felt the need to add a blogroll and sidebar. Changes like this come slowly. For one, I had to update the custom code that runs the site. But it also comes slowly for another reason: it wasn't broken, so why would I fix it? This site has worked fine with a one-column layout for years. It's only now, when I wanted to shove more into the navbar than would comfortably fit, do I feel that I needed to make this change.

Behind the scenes is the real magic. I now have the ability to feature my posts automatically and publish hidden 🤫 posts that don't appear on the feed, the archive, or the home page. I've wanted that feature for a while and I've basically been hacking something similar together for years to support my about page. Keep watching for more developments.

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