This Site Supports Webmentions!

Today is an exciting day! As of today, this static blog supports Webmentions. For those who aren't aware, Webmentions is a technology that allows websites to let each other know when one mentions another. Webmentions can be used to support likes, comments, replies, and reposts over the Open Web with no platform in the middle. This means blogging gets all of the great social features that previously required a Social Media company. Webmentions rock.

Typically, Webmentions require code running on the host server, and since this is a static site, it hasn't been possible for me to implement them here. However, the newest version of now lets you add Webmention support to any site. acts as a simple middle man and provides you with a Mentions timeline just like you'd expect from social media. All you have to do is add a <link> tag to your site's header. Which is precisely what I've done here. There's no server code on my end, and I can see all of my mentions in my Mentions timeline.

Cross-Site mentions are yet another way that is trying to push us towards the Open and Indie Web future! No matter where you blog you can get all the interactivity of Webmentions and cross-site replies.

Blogs can and should be the social network of the future, and is here to help make that better world a reality.

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