The Unremarkable Yesterday

I wrote this blog post because I wanted to follow up on my post about blogging every day, underscoring that seemingly unimportant events can carry great meaning later. Those common everyday activities that don't seem noteworthy today? That's our life. One after another, strung together for days and then years until we die. It's the culture of the 21st century scattered among millions of micro posts. And it'll be lost to time if we don't curate it.

Yesterday was unremarkable only because we're too close to it. Later we'll understand that it meant everything. And if that's true, let's aspire to something greater than our content being sliced up and interspersed with ads on someone else's platform.

Manton really nails it here. I've said this before, the reason I blog is because I want a record of myself over time, a public journal of my thoughts. It may not be important to you to know what you're thinking right now, but it might be later, and if you don't write it down, and keep a copy for yourself, you might not be able to get it back.

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