So Many Words Written, So Many More To Come

Apparently I'm 236 words short of 50,000 total words written for my blog over 161 posts1. That's about 309 words per post on average. I was playing around with the site just now and just out of curiosity I ran this:

$ find archive/ -name "*.md"|xargs -I {} cat {} | wc -w

Now curious, I did some more digging to see what I could learn; here's a few different statistics:

  • Longest post:
  • Shortest post:
  • Most average length post:
  • If we count all the drafts I've never published (but still have) the grand total goes up to 64,088 words.
    • That's 14,324 words unpublished.
  • 154 different tags used on posts
  • Most used tags:
    • blog: 21 times
    • web: 14 times
    • space: 10 times
    • open web: 10 times
    • blogging: 10 times
    • python: 8 times
  • Least used tags:
    • D&D, FCC, OS X, alternatives, angular... (and 105 more)

Just for the occasion, I made up a pretty graph.

A graph of word count.

It's hard to believe that I've been blogging for almost 5 years on this site, and if you count my two blogs before this one, then it's been almost 6 years.

And in case you're wondering: yes, this post is just over 236 words. 🎉

1 Technically that 50,000 word count includes handcrafted HTML inside a post's markdown. It's not that much of a factor and I'm defending my claim because technically I wrote that HTML so there.

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