Real Life Science Fiction

Earlier today SpaceX launched their first Falcon-Heavy Rocket with Elon's personal Tesla onboard. All in all the launch went really well, and congrats to everyone at SpaceX for making it possible 🎉. There was a lot of amazing technological development and hard-core engineering that had to happen to make all of it possible, and it was amazing to watch, but one part in particular felt surreal.

Falcon Heavy is an absolutely huge rocket. According to SpaceX:

Only the Saturn V moon rocket, last flown in 1973, delivered more payload to orbit.

For me though, the real crowning moment, the minute everything stopped being real and starting being Science Fiction was when the first stage boosters came back down, and landed in perfect sync; it felt like complete magic.

Most days we're trapped in the real world, but things like today's landing are so awesome that, for a second, it can feel like we're living in a Fantasy or Sci-Fi universe. While I don't really approve of SpaceX's corporate practices, they do truly amazing and fantastic work, and the people there are top notch. I can't wait for the next launch.

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