Re: Leaving Twitter

It's been 15 days now since I unofficial-officially left Twitter, and I have a few thoughts on the subject.

I'll admit, the first 3 days without Twitter sucked. I was constantly texting everyone I knew, trying to get them to convince me to go back, but to no avail. I wanted to constantly check up and read what people were posting, I wanted, and still want to take part in the bigger conversations that happen on Twitter. To be clear, I said that I would be leaving Twitter as my main platform, and I have, but I do still like to read Twitter, to check up on my friends, and I'm still replying to mentions and the like.

After the first week, I found myself wanting to check Twitter less, but I still wanted an outlet for my sparratic thoughts; enter I have a full microblog there, and I it set up to cross-post to Twitter. Overall this system has been working great for me. I get the conversations from Twitter, and I'm in control of the content. is still in beta, and I'm lucky to be a tester for it, but when it comes out, I'll be sure to let you all know. Since it's just a Jekyll blog though, you can follow it with any plain-old RSS reader (yay Open Web!).

I'm now treating Twitter like I have always treated Facebook: as a place to cross-post things, and respond to comments with the real content residing on my blog, as it should.

P.S. Another thing I've noticed is that I have a lot more down time now that I'm not checking Twitter every 5 minutes.

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