This week I took to signing up for a Patreon account and finally supporting my favorite video producers. Its exciting to see them getting due payment for what they create, and Patreon makes it really easy to be a patron, and the benefits are awesome.

One of my favorite series Extra Credits, a normally video games oriented series, create a mini-series a year ago called Extra History, where they told the story of the Punic Wars in their typical educational fashion. That mini-series is easily in my top 5 of the videos they've ever made, but they couldn't justify continuing the mini-series because their main sponsor was a gaming magazine. With Patreon, that has changed. Direct funding from their viewers means there's enough interest in Extra History to justify more and more videos, and its great.

With direct support supplementing ad sales, creators can make judgements based on interest instead of solely on popularity. This means they can make more of the kinds videos that they want to make, instead of what will just be popular. If you haven't already, take a look at Patreon. The amounts you can sign up for are trivial, but they make a difference.

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