Microblog Crawler V1.3 Released

I'm pleased to announce that version 1.3 of the Microblog Crawler is now available on GitHub and PyPi!

To install use:

pip install MicroblogCrawler.

Release Notes

The big news: Version 1.3 is now multiprocessed!

Among other things, version 1.3 also includes a number of fixes and improvements.

  • on_item callback now includes the feed information as the second parameter. This is a breaking change in the API.

  • on_info callback now receives a dictionary response of all of the info fields in a given feed. Previous versions received a name, value tuple.

  • Multiprocessing now allows the crawler to process 4 feeds (or more if you override the value) at once.

  • Fixed a number of bugs that allowed duplicates.

  • Fixed an issue where feed crawl times may be inaccurately reported.

  • Fixed the timezone problem. Feeds without timezones are parsed according to their HTTP response timezone.

Added a bunch of 'Good Citizen' features like:

  • Added crawler user agent and proper subscriber count reporting to remote servers.

  • Crawler is now HTTP status code aware and static files will not be parsed if they have not been modified (HTTP 304).

  • Added automatic 301 redirection behavior and MAX_REDIRECTS

  • Added support for returning specific error codes from other HTTP headers.

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