Mastodon And Microblogging

Manton Reece:

We’re launching 2 major features today:

  • can now cross-post to a Mastodon user account, in the same way we cross-post to Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and LinkedIn. This takes a copy of your blog posts and sends them to a specified Mastodon account.

  • Your custom domain on can now be ActivityPub-compatible, so that you can follow and reply to Mastodon users directly on This also means someone can follow your blog posts by adding on Mastodon. (This username is configurable. Mine is

Really excited to see Mastodon integrations in and congrats to Manton on launching such a huge feature. His attention to detail is really appreciated. Here's just one example of it in action:

Muting in has been expanded to support muting individual Mastodon users, or entire Mastodon instances based on their domain name. We have also preloaded a common list of Mastodon instances that are muted automatically because of code of conduct violations.

Manton is very careful and deliberate about the design of features and this is, of course, no exception.

Coincidentally, I've had Mastodon integration on the list of features for a long time and I can't wait to get there.

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