Letter To The Fcc

My letter to the FCC today:

The loss of net neutrality would be tragic from so many levels. The internet is supposed to be free and open, and by removing the protections that net neutrality offers the FCC is allowing for the selective censoring of the internet by any given ISP or other provider. Information that we, as a society, depend on these days will be stripped by for-profit companies. Companies would be able to censor opposers of their interests and manipulate the information users receive. If that's not scary to you, I'm sorry, but frankly you don't understand the issue.

The internet is a beacon of the future of free information, of our societal progress, and of an ideal. It's one of the few things in our world that is so close to it's ideal. Would you forbid a book the rights to sit in a library based on its content? If so, this isn't a free country already. Please don't do this. Please.Science and innovation have led us to this, don't let money take it away; not this time.

Please make the right decision; please don't end net neutrality.

Brian Schrader

Software Developer, and hopeful U.S. Citizen

Please take some time today to sign this petition asking the FCC to not repeal net neutrality. I've asked before, and I'll ask again. The fight isn't over.

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