If Only I Had A Podcast

Over the weekend I gathered up a mixer, mic and some cables and set to make myself a podcasting-like setup. The mixer is an old [Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro][http://www.mackie.com/pdf/1202vlzpro_ss.pdf], and the mic is an acquired [AKG C-3000][http://www.akg.com/C3000-1039.html?pid=1026]. All of this, including the cables and stand, was being thrown away by a local television station, and I picked it up for free. It took me a total of 5 hours between Sunday and today to get it working (There was a lot of wiring and rewiring as I reorganized and refactored my cable arrangement). Here's what the end result looks like: my podcasting setup

Now if only I had a podcast so I could use all this stuff...

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