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by Brian Schrader

Humans Need Not Apply

Posted on Sat, 16 Aug 2014 at 08:32 PM

A fascinating video about the true nature of automation.

In the coming years, the automation revolution will completely change the nature of our society. People with skill based jobs will find themselves out of work almost as quickly as those in low-skill jobs. This isn't a bad thing, its something we've been trying to accomplish for millennia, making our lives easier. Truly the only bad thing is that our current system doesn't account for the case where most of society is unemployed. We require that all people work as of now, and soon that may not be the case. So how do people pay for things? Do we need to pay for things? All questions we need to consider.

We will survive it if we are prepared, but we aren't prepared.

Humans Need Not Apply

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