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by Brian Schrader

Git's Hidden Feature: Notes

Posted on Sun, 04 Mar 2018 at 08:37 PM

When I'm programming I tend to create a lot of experimental branches to test my ideas before actually implementing them, and a lot of times I'll leave these branches in some half-state or with uncommitted changes. Then when I come back I've forgotten what I was doing and why. After running into exactly this problem earlier today, I started wondring if there was something built into Git that would give me a place to write notes to myself without committing.

Well, apparently there is: Git has built in notes!

According to the docs you can use the command git notes which:

Adds, removes, or reads notes attached to objects, without touching the objects themselves.

It's always exciting for me to discover a cool new tool, and even more so when I learn more about one I already use.

Git Notes Documentation →

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