Fcc's Tom Wheeler Is Trying To Open Up Cable Tv

The Verge

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler just proposed a rule change that would require cable and broadcast networks to sell their programming to any company that wants to be a TV provider, not just cable or satellite companies

Its really strange to me that the FCC (and Tom in particular) want to make TV channel distribution a more competitive market, something that I can only assume makes their cable company lobbyists very anxious, and yet the FCC has been a slave to those same lobbyists during the ongoing Net Neutrality debacle. I'd love TV to be a more direct channel-to-home system. I don't think I'd ever go back to watching on-air TV (something reserved for sportsball parties at friend's houses), but its nice to see progress.

I have to wonder though, what changed? Why would the FCC decide that it's going to disobey its lobbyist for the public good now, and not 6 months ago? Did we really have that big of an impact with Net Neutrality, or is this a fluke?

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