Changing Tides

It's a big day: is now free to use! has been out for over a year now and it's been getting better and better over that time. However, although quite a few people have signed up, most have stopped short of signing up for a premium subscription. At first I thought that adding a free trial to would help, but that doesn't seem to do much to encourage signups.

I want to be useful to as many people as possible because I think and a lot of other Open Web tools (i.e., Mastodon, etc) represent what social networking should be. In order to reach a wide audience, needs to let people know what it is and then convince them to use it. I've made pretty good progress on that first goal:'s traffic numbers keep going up and responses are generally positive, it's just that those numbers don't really translate into subscriptions.

In that light, no longer requires a subscription to use: just create a free account and you're good to go! If you want to organize your feeds into multiple timelines or start a blog* you'll still need a premium subscription, and don't worry, you still get a free trial.

At time of writing, the newest version of the iOS app is "Waiting for App Review", so you'll have to sign up on the website to start a free account, but you can use the app once you've created your account.

*Coming soon!

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