Announcing: Hewell Public Beta 🎉

Today I'm happy to announce the public beta for my newest app Hewell: A Virtual Tour Guide. I've wanted to build something like Hewell for years, and I finally got around to it. The app is in Public Beta on iOS, so you won't find it in the App Store just yet, but you're free to try it out and give feedback via TestFlight.

Hewell Logo

Hewell is a virtual tour guide that automatically finds interesting things around you whether you're in a new city or your home town.

The world around us is full of awesome things and so many of them go unnoticed and unappreciated. Hewell helps you uncover the interesting and fascinating places in the world, whether you're on a trip, or just wanding around your home town.

Hewell is a privacy-respecting, open-data powered app that uses the power of Wikidata and Wikipedia to tell you more about the world around you. You could of course get all the benefits of Hewell by simply searching Wikipedia for everything interesting around you, but who does that? Hewell brings the enormous potential of open data to you right when you need it.

With Hewell you can discover cool spots, learn about their history, listen to a narrated guide for each place, vote and recommend great spots for other Hewell users, and earn badges for your efforts. I have a lot more great stuff planned for Hewell in the coming updates, but I wanted to get something out relatively quickly and get feedback.

If you're interested, please give the app a try and let me know what interesting things are in your area.

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