A Whole New Mac

Today was an important day. Today I'm finally retiring my 2013 MacBook Pro. I'm even writing these words on a new Mac. It's been a long road, but my dependable, old 2013 MBP has reached the end of its life... as my primary computer. It still works well, so I can't bear getting rid of it. At this point I think I'll wipe it and use it for editing music.

A New Fantastic Point of View

As I type these words on my new 13" Macbook Pro, I feel extremely relieved. This laptop feels great to use. It's small, light, powerful, and beautiful. The keyboard works well and feels good, the display is beautiful, the touch bar with an escape key is a good compromise, Touch ID is great, and Migration Assistant transferred everything over perfectly (even my blogging engine and the outdated versions of Python 2 on which it depends).*

I look forward to taking this thing through it's paces. I've taken my 2013 MBP across the US and beyond, so there's no telling where this one will go. I'll miss the HDMI port and Magsafe moreso, but c'est la vie. The years start coming and they don't stop coming; so must I march along with them.

Welcome to the party, new MacBook. I hope you're ready to rock.

* Migration Assistant remains one of the most magical and underrated pieces of software Apple makes. It transfers apps, files, .rc files, everything in /usr/local/bin and more. The idea of having to manually migrate my files and applications makes me cringe. I've never set up a new personal Mac after my first one.