A Very Special Sweater

There once was a tree, just an ordinary tree,
An ordinary tree with a dream,
To be the tallest tree on the hillside,
It loved the coastal breeze,
And to stretch out its leaves,
And it loved all the birds that called it home.

One day the winds came howling, roaring, goring and growling,
They caught the tree off guard,
And waived it back and forth,
Its roots could hold no more,
And down it went,

And so the tree laid there, sad and frozen stiff,
Until a smart young student came about,
She saw the poor tree shivering,
She knew the tree was cold and all alone.

She gave the tree a present,
To keep it warm and cheery,
And now the tree is happy once again.

So if you see a tree, sad and all alone,
Why not knit it a cozy little sweater.
It would make the tree so happy,
And it will make you happy too,
And it will give passers-by a laugh.

Cheers to you: fallen-tree-sweater-knitter.

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