Thoughts On The Iphone 6

I got my iPhone 6 on launch day. After a week with it, I have a few thoughts on Apple's new device. For context, I purchased a Space Gray, 64GB iPhone 6.

  • The screen is awesome, the black levels have been greatly improved over the iPhone 5. It would have been nice to have increased pixel density, but I'll take the screen improvements over more pixels hands down.
  • Apps that have not been optimized for the bigger displays look really silly. Developers, please update your apps.
  • The curved glass around the edges feels great to hold in your hand, and swipe gestures feel much smoother now that there isn't a hard corner that you drag your thumb over.
  • The storage increase is awesome (this isn't an iPhone 6 thing, but getting an iPhone with 64GB of storage as opposed to 16 is a decision I should have made a long time ago).
  • The screen size... Im getting used to it. Soon I doubt I'll be able to consider a time when I didn't have a screen this size, but that time is not yet upon me. I like the extra real-estate, but one-handed has taken a huge hit in terms of usability.

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