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Elon Musk is Crazy

Posted on Tue, 20 Jan 2015

It would be an incremental process, and proceeds from the Earth internet could will help pay for the $10 billion investment in the colony and internet on Mars, Musk said.

"People should not expect this to be active sooner than five years," he said. "But we see it as a long-term revenue source for SpaceX to be able to fund a city on Mars..." - Elon Musk

The man is crazy, really crazy, but in a good way. I like it.

Elon Musk Wants to Bring the Internet to Mars →

Update: Apparently Google is in on the project too.

Fight for Space - Why Space?

Posted on Thu, 15 Jan 2015

Space exploration is important for our economy, our society, and our future as a species. The upcoming documentary, "Fight for Space" was funded on Kickstarter almost 2 years ago, and they've been hard at work making the case for space. Great work guys, I can't wait for the finished film.

The Results of SpaceX's Attempt to Recover Falcon

Posted on Thu, 15 Jan 2015

Amazing really. For a first test, it really is amazing they did as well as they did. Congrats SpaceX.

Parabolic Arc →

What-If: Pools on the Moon

Posted on Thu, 15 Jan 2015

What if there was a lake on the Moon?

... Because of the reduced gravity on the Moon, the water would be launched upward more easily, just like the swimmers. The result would be larger waves and more flying droplets. In technical terms, a pool on the Moon would be more "splashy".

To avoid splashing all the water out, you'd want to design the deck so water drains quickly back into the pool. You could just make the rim higher, but then you'd spoil one of the key joys of a pool on the Moon—exiting via Slip 'N Slide.

I love XKCD.

Microblogger Wiki and Issues are Live!

Posted on Wed, 31 Dec 2014

I've been chugging along with Microblogger the last couple of days, and progress has been good. Seeing as it's December 30th though, I doubt I'll make my end of the year deadline. Today, I added quite a bit of documentation and even a wiki to the project! I've also clarified the issues quite a bit, so if you're interested in helping out with the project, but aren't sure what you can help with, or if you want to read about how the project works go check it out!


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