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OS X's New Look

Posted on Mon, 21 Apr 2014

With the release of iOS 7 last summer and the upcoming announcement of iOS 8 in a couple weeks, the Tech world is abuzz with iOS 8 rumors. One thing that sticks out to me, and a few others, is the question of what will happen to OS X this June. Many assumed that it would get a re-skin along with iOS 7, and it didn't. OS X Mavericks did remove a lot of extraneous skeuomorphic elements of OS X, but the basic visual structure remains unchanged. That begs the question though, whether Apple will revamp the visuals this year to make the Mac look similar, but hopefully not exactly, like iOS 7.

@Dexwell_ tweeted his re-skin of the OS X Finder and the "About this Mac" window recently and I have to say, I love the look. I've also noticed recently that Spotify's new desktop app looks very iOS 7-y and I think it works really well on the Mac. Could these be the style that Apple leans toward if they are re-skinning OS X? If so, I love it.

Spotify's new look

OS X Finder, by @Dexwell_. All credit goes to him. I did not make this image, nor do I own rights to it.

OS X About this Mac, by @Dexwell_. All credit goes to him. I did not make this image, nor do I own rights to it.

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      Brian Schrader


Posted on Mon, 21 Apr 2014

Pokemon, Gotta Catch 'em All!

Pokemon is 16 years old. That's 17 seasons, 827 episodes, and it's still airing new episodes. Wow, just wow. That blows my mind. Pokemon was such a huge part of my childhood, and to see it still going is amazing in the truest sense of the word. I watched some older episodes today, and they still look pretty good. Still though, I can't believe it's still on. I was 7 when it first aired in the U.S. and I'm 22 today (You might be thinking, "Wait, thats 15 years!" You're right, but it first aired in Japan a year earlier than here).

I'm in awe by this; Pokemon, keep going strong. If you teach kids today what you did to me, keep going forever.

P.S. Here's some of my favorite moments:

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      Brian Schrader

Roman Food

Posted on Sun, 20 Apr 2014


I needed to find a "Roman" dish for a G.E. class. This one actually sounds good. Better than the fish paste.

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      Brian Schrader

My iOS 8 Wishlist

Posted on Wed, 16 Apr 2014

WWDC is right around the corner. Its not a very long list, but here's my feature wish list for iOS 8 and a little on the iPhone 6:

  • Actionable Notifications (like in OS X Mavericks)
  • Maps travel time (also like in OS X Mavericks)
  • Better Inter-App Communication (we've been asking for this for years now)
  • That Siri API we've been wanting (Cortana and Google Now aren't getting worse).
  • Offline Siri dictation (like in Mavericks...)
  • Battery Shaming (like in Mavericks... you get the point?)
  • Mac-iOS AirDrop compatibility
  • A public API for developers to see and use the home screen background (Safari can do this, but its private)
  • As for the iPhone 6 I have but one request: better battery life (I can dream can't I?).

It'll be interesting to see what Apple brings to the table this year. The feature request lists get shorter every year, and this year its really short. It would make me happy just to see the features in Mavericks that I love make their way to iOS. I'd be thrilled with just that, though I'm sure there's more.

Really my biggest concern is if they'll announce any new retina Macbook Pros. I'll be in the market for one soon, and I don't want to get one if they are just about to refresh them.

Update: This is really more of an OS X thing, but I would love to be able to respond to text messages from my Mac (I know about the technical challenges, but its Apple and they could figure it out).

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      Brian Schrader

BloodMoon Eclipse Photos

Posted on Tue, 15 Apr 2014

The first sliver

Halfway there!

Bloodmoon's final form

The Universe is amazing, isn't it?

-Thanks for reading,
      Brian Schrader


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